Intensive Care Unit

Our Intensive Care Units; intensive care units, pre-operative patient preparation rooms, post-operative recovery – recovery rooms, emergency triage, observation, trauma and resuscitation rooms, etc in hospitals. They are units designed to serve both the patient and the hospital staff in order to use diagnostic and treatment equipment with other functions efficiently and safely in critical care areas.

Our units are manufactured in horizontal type to be mounted on the wall, minimizing dust and dirt accumulation for the relevant purpose, with easy-to-clean surfaces and corners, taking into account the ergonomic compatibility, safety and hygiene criteria required for the easy use of the patient and the relevant personnel.

•Product features;
Our units; It is produced in accordance with TS EN ISO 11197, TS EN 60601-1 standards.

Our units; body and covers are extruded and heat treated, manufactured from 1st quality aluminum profile.

Our units; It consists of 2 closed sections so that the medical gas installation and the weak and strong current electrical installations can be drawn separately from each other. Our units are completed with 2 front cover profiles as mounted on the wall. The lower front cover profile covers the lower body compartment reserved for medical gas installation, and the other front cover profile covers the upper body compartment reserved for weak and high current electrical installations.

Our units; At least 150 cm for 1 person. was designed. The size of our units can be enlarged upon request.

The front, top and bottom covers should not be damaged by any screws etc. during service. It can be opened and closed without the need to remove the material.

Our units; It is painted with electrostatic paint. Color selection is made from the RAL catalogue.

25×10 mm in accordance with TS EN 12218 standard on the upper and lower parts of our units. There are accessories in unit length, IV pole carrier rails made of stainless material.

The connection type of the medical gas sockets used on our units has been prepared in accordance with the DIN 13260-2 standard.

All electrical cables used on the unit are of halogen-free type, and cable distributions are made by passing them through cable channels when necessary. All electrical services of the unit are tested after manufacturing.