Medical Gas Outlets

Our medical gas outlets; It is suitable for easy installation and removal of regulators or probes (subscriber plugs) related to the relevant standard.

Our medical gas outlets are differentiated to accept only their own regulator or probe (gas specific). A probe of another gas cannot be connected to a gas socket.

When any part of our medical gas outlets are removed, the gas socket does not work or there is no change if it is gas-specific. When parts are dismantled for repair or maintenance, inadvertent use of parts of other gas outlets is prevented.

Our medical gas outlets work with a check valve system. When the gas regulator or probe is fully connected, the gas flow starts, and when it is removed, the gas flow is automatically cut off.

Our medical gas outlets are free of all kinds of flammable substances (oil, grease, etc.).

All parts of our medical gas outlets are made of non-combustible, corrosion-resistant material. The gas contacting surfaces of our medical gas outlets are made of MS58 quality brass. Connections to the pipe distribution system are made with silver alloy welding in accordance with EN 7396:1.

Our medical gas outlets, which will be placed in complex products, are made of materials that will not harm other outlets and the unit.

Gas-specific parts of our medical gas outlets and the gas socket itself are individually labeled unless the size or shape is different for each gas.

Labels of our medical gas outlets are color coded.

Letters and colors indicating the characteristics of medical gas outlets have been prepared as specified in the BS 5682:1992 standard. The materials used in color coding are indelible and durable for long-term use.