Oxygen Flowmeter

It is produced to adjust the flow of oxygen gas coming from the central system and give it to the patient.

The body of our Flowmeters is made of chrome-plated MS58 quality brass.

The measuring tube of our flowmeters is 0 to 5 lt/min, 0 to 15 lt/min and 0 to 30 lt/min at 5 Bar pressure adjusted according to the dimensions in between. These dimensions can be easily read.

The humidification bottle has a volume of 200 ml.

Flowmeter / Flowmeter tube and humidification bottle are made of polycarbonate material with high brittleness resistance. Flowmeter / Flowmeter tube and humidification bottle are both transparent and robust.

Both the Flowmeter / Flowmeter bottle and the humidification bottle can be sterilized by inserting them into the autoclave at 121 °C for 15 minutes, they never melt or deform.

The probe used to attach the flowmeter to the gas socket is also made of MS58 quality brass and nickel plated. The probe of the flowmeter complies with the relevant standards (BS, DIN…).

There are signs on the humidification jar showing the maximum and minimum water level.

The pipe in the humidification bottle and used for oxygen humidification is made of chrome-plated brass.

Humidification bottle cap is made of brass or plastic.

Flowmeters’ Maintenance – Repair, Installation and Operation manuals are supplied with the flowmeters. In these guides; Compliance of the flowmeter with international standards is stated. Maintenance, Repair activities and their duration and frequency are specified.

A list of recommended spare parts is provided.