Pendant Units

Our Pendant Units; They are units designed in such a way that hospital personnel can easily reach the patient and fulfill their duties by allowing anesthetic and surgical equipment to be easily connected to the necessary installations in hospitals and placed in an organized manner without creating cable-hose clutter near the operating table.

Our units are manufactured in vertical type to be mounted with rigid hangers from the ceiling, by minimizing dust and dirt accumulation for the relevant purpose, with easy-to-clean surfaces and corners, taking into account the ergonomic compatibility, safety and hygiene criteria required for the easy use of the patient and the relevant personnel.

Technicial Specifications
Carrying Capacity: 90 kg
Height Adjustment: Adjustable 60 cm up and down with electromotor
Horizontal Arm Movement: Mechanical
Horizontal Arm Movement Angle: 340 degrees
Carrier Movement Angle: 340 degrees
Carrier Table Size: 460 x 420 mm
Carrier Rail: 25 x 10 (35 x 10)mm