Vacuum Regulator

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Vacuum Regulator / Vacuum Subscriber Plug; With Regulator and Manometer

Vacuum regulator; It is used to fix the negative pressure at a certain value, then to be used at the same value and to collect the wastes in the vacuum jar.

The body of the vacuum regulator is made of chrome-plated MS58 quality brass.
It has manometer and regulator.

Endotracheal; It has the feature of staying at the adjusted vacuum level. For this, it has an on-off valve that will perform the on-off operation of the vacuum regulator apart from the adjustment button.

The probe used to attach the vacuum regulator to the gas socket is also made of MS58 quality brass and nickel plated. The probe of the vacuum regulator complies with the relevant standards (BS, DIN…).

It can be regulated to vacuum in the range of 0 – 760 mmHg.

It must be truly regulated; The output value is constant even if the input value changes.

There is a hose outlet suitable for the hose coming from the vacuum jar.

The vacuum regulator is ergonomic; It is designed to be able to be attached and detached from the vacuum socket with one hand.

Maintenance – Repair, Installation and Operation manuals of the vacuum regulator are supplied with the vacuum regulators. In these guides;

Compliance of the vacuum regulator with international standards is stated.

Maintenance, Repair activities and their duration and frequency are specified.

Recommended spare parts list is provided.